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My five VITAL tips to get the most out of your wedding magician



Over the years, I’ve discovered that there are certain things that aren’t really considered when booking a magician for a wedding. It’s okay though - it’s things you wouldn’t necessarily consider to be an issue, but from my vast experience as a specialist wedding entertainer, I wanted to share my knowledge to make your wedding planning, and your wedding day, as stress-free as possible. So, here are my five vital tips I wanted to share with you.



Oversized table centres are a no-no.

It’s two-fold why. It isn’t just for the magician, but for the comfort of your guests too. Putting a large table centre will cut off the flow of conversation between guests. You will potentially have up to 12 guests sat around one round table, and an oversized centre decoration will naturally stop one side talking to the other, and you really don’t want that! A wedding is a gathering of your nearest and dearest, and they will want to chat, they will want to catch up, they want to have a laugh and a joke together. But also, a large table decoration will impact the performance of the magician at the table too. Magicians work standing, so a large table decoration will cut off the line of site for people sat on the opposite side to where the magician is standing, which means they wont be able to join in and enjoy the show! Ultimately you are hiring a wedding magician because you want them to entertain all your guests, so a large table centres will cut the number of people enjoying the magic in half.



Keep the music low-key where possible.

It’s impossible to perform, certainly in my style, if the music is too loud. Think about the time during your day you want the wedding magician to work. It’s usually not a problem during the drinks reception or room turn-around time, but during the evening party, consider what time the music is going to get cranked up. If I am working the evening reception, my first job after arriving is to speak to the DJ, or band. I need to know what time they are going to crank the music up, or what time a band’s set will start, as well at the duration. I can then adapt what I am doing so my performance isn’t interfered with. As a rule of thumb, keep music to a background level if you want a magician to work the room too.


Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Do you really need a wedding magician, and a caricaturist, and a band, and crazy golf (I know right, Wedding Crazy Golf.... what will they think of next?!), and a Magic Mirror all at the same time? Of course you don’t. If you want all that entertainment, that is totally fine and can work really well, but ensure every entertainment has it’s own dedicated slot during the day. I promise you that your guests won’t get bored. If the entertainer isn’t with them at a given time, they will make conversation with friends and relatives in the meantime. I know that for myself, i’m really good at spotting when conversation is drying up for guests, so I know how to dive in and “rescue” them all, so that they see something amazing, and it gives them another talking point.



Save time for me to see you!

You’re paying, so you want to see what I do! I always speak to the venue coordinators and arrange a time that I can take you and your other half away from everyone for 10 minutes, so you can see something spectacular. I also speak to your Photographer, and Videographer, to make sure they know something memorable will happen, and so they can be there too to capture the memory. This is a service I offer that makes me stand out from my competitors, and something that I realised several years ago, is vitally important for during your wedding day. You can contact me about your plans, and ask me about how I can make this work for you. Don’t be shy! I can’t wait to make that plan with you!



Tell me who I’m working with.


It’s often handy for me to know in advance who the photographer or videographer is. There’s also a very high chance that I already know them. This works really well all round as they know how I work, and I know how they work. We all want to fo our best to be your wedding dream team. We want to do everything we can to make your day as perfect as possible. So send everyone a list of the other suppliers you will have on the day. We can then make arrangements between ourselves as wedding professionals, to ensure you the best experience possible.



I think those are the vital bits you need to know about. Don’t worry if you hadn’t considered these points before. There’s a very high chance this is your first experience of planning a wedding, so you don’t know how to make things the very best they can be. This is why you hire experts like myself. We know what we are doing, we know what happens during these things, so PLEASE don’t be afraid to ask. There is genuinely no such thing as a stupid question. You may even find the answer is more simple and logical than you anticipated. I can ensure you, that after performing at more than 1,000 weddingsin the past 9 years alone, I have seen it all, experienced it all, and I want to share my knowledge with you.


Until next time...(to quote my friend Peter Pelikan....)







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