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Versatile actor Mark Waddington




With a passion for storytelling and a commitment to bringing memorable characters to life, I am a dedicated and versatile actor with 4 years of experience in the industry. From captivating characters to lighthearted comedy, I excel in delivering compelling performances that resonate with audiences. My extensive training and diverse portfolio showcase my ability to adapt to various roles, ensuring that I can meet the unique needs of any project.


Things I do…


  • Film & Television: Whether it's a leading role in a feature film, a recurring character in a TV series, or a cameo that steals the scene, I bring authenticity and depth to every performance.


  • Theatre: With a strong background in live theatre, I thrive on the energy of the stage and have a proven track record of captivating live audiences.


  • Voice Acting: My vocal versatility allows me to create memorable characters for animation, video games, commercials, and audiobooks, delivering clear and engaging voiceovers.


  • Commercials & Corporate Videos: From national ad campaigns to internal corporate videos, I can deliver persuasive and relatable performances that drive your message home.

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